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An overbite is classified as a significant extension over the lower jaw, and when left untreated, the condition can affect a patient's gums, jawbones, and teeth. How are they treated? Experts weigh in on how to correct an overbite; the first is surgery, reserved for severe cases, and the second uses invisible aligners.

A periodontist holds an invisible aligner.
"Overbites may cause bone damage, since the lower teeth push up on the gums and bone," Mahnaz Rashti, DDS, a periodontist in Beverly Hills, tells WebMD Connect to Care. "This can lead to gum recession, which is basically when a tooth's root is exposed due to a receding gum line."

Find out more about invisible aligners to restore a perfect smile using invisible aligners. Read more at WebMD Connect to Care for the full article.

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