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Troy Washington says his tarnished teeth stop him from finding a life partner, but thanks to a caring dentist, the 58-year-old is getting the gift of a new smile and possibly the love connection he's looking for.

Troy says he is constantly judged by his bad teeth, and as a widower, he is looking for everlasting love but feels insecure because of his smile.

"I feel a little bit embarrassed. I feel I can't be myself."

He says his tarnished teeth keep him from dating.

"He has no self-esteem. Every time you ask him to smile, he smiles like this." Says Dr. Mahnaz Rashti, DDS, covering her mouth as an example.

Recently, Troy suffered from an abscess, causing fever, chills, and swelling. Dr. Rashti treated his dental emergency, and Troy is back at work the very next day. However, Dr. Rashti understands Troy needs a more permanent solution.

"He is missing two-thirds or more of his teeth. The ones that are remaining are rotten, broken, or discolored. There are a few little teeth left that are ground to the gumline."

Since Troy puts family and others first, Dr. Rashti, through her non-profit Beverly Hills Smiles Foundation, is rewarding him with a life-changing new smile for Father's Day.

Troy sees his brand new smile.

"I feel great. I feel like a young man again."

Dr. Rashti is confident he will succeed.

"It's time for Troy to be happy now." Says Dr. Rashti.
Troy flashes his new smile.

Leave your worries at the door and enjoy a healthier, more precise smile

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