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Dr. Rashti's journey from Iran to the United States is a journey worthy of a best-selling novelization. Landing in the United States, she is grateful to the U.S. government for helping her to learn the language, successfully working through college, and ultimately landing a job. Dr. Rashti serves as the perfect example of the American Dream, a dream shared by many immigrants who venture to the United States for a better life.

Think for yourself.
Achieving the American Dream means reaching your personal success in society. Rather than letting those around you define your goals, create your own. Everyone's story is unique, so it's okay to be different.
Take risks.
It is important to push yourself to the limit and take calculated risks. Without risk, there is no growth. You may fail at times, but that makes the achievements even sweeter.

Dr. Rashti built her name and brand to become Beverly Hills' leading dentist and featured in many news outlets through hard work and dedication. Today, she continues her work by giving back to the community and helping the underserved through her Beverly Hills Smiles Foundation.

Read Dr. Rashti's incredible story at Thrive Global.

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